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(All photos courtesy of Shane Gardner - Rock N' Roll Socialite)

Foghound (left to right in photo):

Chuck Dukeheart, III - Drums, Voals
Dee Settar - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Sipes - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Heinzmann - Bass

Maryland Doom & Stoner Rock stalwarts Foghound have recently put the finishing touches on their third full-length offering, entitled "Awaken To Destroy".  Their new album is set for a September release via Ripple Music.  With delays due to health scares and the tragic murder of bassist Rev. Jim Forrester in December 2017, the band has chosen to honor Rev.'s wishes and will "Keep On Shoveling".


    Artist Name: Foghound
    Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Album Title: Awaken To Destroy
    Official Release: September 2018
    Label: Ripple Music
    Genre/Style: Heavy Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
    Previous Releases: Quick, Dirty, & High (2014);  The World Unseen (2016)

Maryland Doom & Stoner Rock stalwarts Foghound have recently put the finishing touches on their third full-length offering, entitled "Awaken To Destroy".  Their new album is set for a September 2018 release via Ripple Music.

Work began on the album in November 2016, with producer Frank Marchand (The Obsessed / Borracho) at the helm.  Numerous delays along the way sidelined production due to health issues, professional and personal commitments, and then the tragic murder of bassist Rev. Jim Forrester in December 2017, just days after completing recording of the basic tracking.

"After seeing Jim claw and fight his way back after a major health scare and being in a coma last summer, only to be senselessly taken away from us all in this way, it really hit everyone like a ton of bricks", says drummer / vocalist Chuck Dukeheart.

"The outpouring of love and support from everyone, and especially our friends and family in the Maryland Doom scene, was overwhelming.  We can't thank everyone enough for helping us, Jim's wife Tina, and family to get through this terrible time."

Reverend Jim Forrester, 1974 - 2017.

Among the multiple benefit events and fundraisers for the family, Ripple Music released as a benefit single the new Foghound track "Keep On Shoveling" on January 1st, via Bandcamp as a "Name Your Price" download purchase.

Written with a theme of perseverance in the face of adversity, the song features a spoken word portion from Rev. Jim. The song has taken on a new meaning for the band after his untimely passing.

Another new track, "Return To Dragontooth", will appear on an upcoming benefit compilation, due out from Salt Of the Earth Records.

Foghound emphasizes, "One thing that became apparent was that we all knew, and Jim said as much when he was laid up in the hospital last summer, was that he wouldn't want us to stop.  In his words - 'We still have shit to do.'"

After taking time to regroup, this February saw Foghound back in the studio to wrap up tracking of vocals, guitars, and keyboards.  They have finally been able to complete mixing to get it ready for release.

Along with wrapping up the album, the band got themselves back in their rehearsal space, and have recruited long time friend of the band, bassist Adam Heinzmann (Internal Void, Pentagram), into the fold.
The band stated, "It was a very heavy, emotional time for us, to be back in the jamroom without Jim, but Adam really stepped up in a big way.  His enthusiasm, preparedness, and love for the music really helped us get back to why we all play music.  We were able to have fun again."

Foghound is set to return to the stage with notable upcoming appearances at the New England Stoner and Doom Fest at Altone's in Jewett City, Connecticut on April 21st, and The Maryland Doom Fest at Cafe 611 in Frederick, Maryland on June 23rd.

"We are looking forward to being a part of these stellar lineups and to play these new songs live.  We can't wait for this monster of an album to be unleashed at the end of the summer!"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The First Ever Official Ripple Music SXSW Showcase Happens Tomorrow!!!!


No Badge needed!  $7 at the Door

Date: 16th March 2018

Valhalla (710 Red River Street, Austin TX)

Featuring: Mothership, Wo Fat, The Watchers, Blackwulf (with special guest), Steak, and Salem's Bend

► Play / Embed – Ripple Official SXSW ‘Spotify Playlist

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce our first ever, official SXSW Showcase! This year’s event is presented in association with Boss Tweed Backline. Six bands will fill the stage at Valhalla on Red River, bringing on some of the very best heavy psych, stoner and doom on the planet.  And be sure not to miss our very special guest, Geof O'Keefe, founding member of Pentagram and Bedemon, who'll storm the stage with Blackwulf, where he'll bring his searing lead guitar to songs off the band's just released new album. 

S C H E D U L E:

Doors open 7:30 pm

Salems' Bend


Blackwulf (with Geof O'Keefe)

The Watchers

Wo Fat



Facebook Event:

Download Event Sampler:

Ripple Music is widely considered one of the world's leading purveyors of heavy psych, stoner, doom and heavy rock.  You can stay up to date with all the happenings at the Ripple Music Facebook page and website or bandcamp.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Rabitrup – SWVMPS II
Locks has lots of weird spacey tripping industrial beats and sounds.  Phantoms slow building synths and sounds that turns into industrial dissonance.  Walls takes you into the abyss and swirls around your very essence.

Sarah Schonert – Penguin Party
Sarah Schonert – Vocals/Keyboards

Astound Me very popish with lots of melodies and poppy vocals.  Tree With Feet keys that are just poppy and melodic with some excellent vocals.  Queen of Panels get ready to just relax and drift with the music and soaring vocals.  Queen Of Panels Outro has lots of almost new age style melodies.  Penguin Party strange synth sounds that melds with an almost jazz influence that takes you on a strange trip.  Listen Soak Repeat weird percussion spoken word and strange melodies takes you on a very weird trip.  I Can’t Think Straight synths that worm their way into your brain and do bizarre things.  Glacier Drive get ready to sit back relax and just trip away to the melodies.  Irrelevant weird moving melodic keys and synths and poppy vocals with some strange percussion.  NonCrystalline an almost Jazz meets lounge music with some emotional vocals.  Overdriving Headlights keys and melodies that just trip away.  You Still Awake takes you away to a simpler time and place.  Get Thee To A Nunnery Kick back and slowly trip away the time with strange melodies.


Shambles – Primitive Death Trance
Daemon dark plodding dreary death metal that just worms its way up your spine and into your brain crushing as it goes.  Dismal Pantheons full force in your face brutal death metal that just annihilates.  Illusion Of The Void grinding pounding ripping and tearing at your very soul death metal.  Primitive Death Trance chainsaw guitars deep growling vocals and demonic overtones from hell. 

Snowchild – Age of Change
Larry Donaldson – Bass/Vocals, Dustin Roberts – Guitar, Chad Duncan – Drums

Age of Change slightly over 9 minutes of slow stoner rock that just plows its way thru time and space with a very Sabbath feel to it.  Born in Flames almost 10 minutes for strange melodic sounds and a very strange trip thru your mind with some searing guitar.  Kings of Koch great Sabbath style Geezer Bass tones that slowly moves it way to almost mid–tempo and back with great Ozzy style vocals and screaming lead guitar.  Boudica pounding drums and heavy riffs that just grab you and take you away on a trip thru the heyday of stoner rock and Sabbath.

Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods
Shane Provstgaard – Vocals, Darrin Goodman – Guitar, Sebastian Martin – Guitar, Ron Zemanek – Bass, Matt Lefevre – Drums

Savage Gods slow building metal riffs then a driving power metal riff and screaming guitars with very powerful vocals.  Night Terror eerie melodic guitars pounding drums rumbling bass and soaring vocals that just make you wanna scream along.  Unholy Blood speed power metal with screaming leads and vocals that reach the heavens.  Dreaming Of The Storm a fist pumping foot tapping metal riff that will have the entire crowd head banging along to it.  Man The Guns has a great riff that just has you getting fully into the metal riff awesome bass pounding drums and screaming vocals.  Walk Through The Fire starts with some excellent mellow guitars and bass then a soaring guitar lead that is full of emotions and drums that will have you playing along.  A Prayer Before Battle has the battle horns blaring then a fist pumping metal riff with some excellent lead guitar add the power metal vocals and its one great song to jam to.  Iron Clad Heart speed power metal at its finest lots of speed aggression and melody to take you away and feel as if you can take on the world and win.  Man And Machine slowly building then a fist pumping song that would be great to listen to while driving down the open road.  Chasing The Horizon guitars getting louder drums and bass melding in fist pumping rhythms and soaring vocals a metal head dream song.  


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

H+ - Hidden Dimension


H+ is the performance name of Malcolm Brian Swan, a music teacher with a Bachelors Degree in performing the double bass and a Masters in Music Composition. He lives in Bermuda, creates IDM/glitch and adds the twist of funk, jazz, dub reggae, and deep dub step. Malcolm has been writing music under the name of H+ since the end of 2016.

Sounding like a mixture of your computer freezing while playing music, a video game and a sci-fi movie, the music actually has a more warmth then you would think. Adding female vocals from Nicola Swan really helps to give more feeling to the music. “Error In The Standard Model” has a bit of a funky/jazz sound that made it a real stand out. “Dimensiones Ocultas” is another track that really stands out, kind of flamenco and really peppy, it will get your foot tapping and make you hit repeat. The album also has a great flow to it that I enjoyed because it didn’t just sound like random songs; it felt like a complete idea.

While not usually a genre that I would go for, this is an album that will get the replay from me and will be in the car with the windows rolled down and turned up loud.  I will be interested to hear what comes next and hope the quality stays as high as it is on this album.

-Rick Ecker

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Ripple Conversation With Fuzz Lord

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

From my folks listening to Frank Sinatra to my first time hearing Black Sabbath.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

We crack open some beers and I play Lawrence some riffs and when he hears something he likes we try to develop that into a song.

Who has influenced you the most?

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Melvins and Sleep

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

Working on our radio show really helps inspire new idea.  Plus it keeps us up to date with new the bands and releases.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

We are based out of Chillicothe, OH.  It’s a small college town south of Circleville, OH and about an hour away from Columbus.  I grew up in Wichita Falls, TX and found my way here in Chillicothe after moving several places, including California, throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Lawrence (Lord Buzz) is an Ohio native but works as a trucker so gets a lot of inspiration and exposure to different cultures on the road.  It’s not as much as the location as it was the era we were first exposed to heavy music which has shaped our minds.
Where'd the band name come from?

Image may contain: nightWhen I was approached by Jerry from to host a radio show Fuzz Lord was the first name which came to my mind.  After a year or so of doing the station we decided to start the band and Fuzz Lord was the perfect name.
You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

Apocalypse Now

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

The Lord of the Underground because of the lyrics.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

We have never played live because of our conflicting work schedules.  Lawrence is on the road for months at a time and I usually work nights and weekends.  We all have to concentrate on what keeps us alive at the moment.  We have been talking about putting together a live band to tour.

What makes a great song?

Heavy riffs!

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

No automatic alt text available.The first song we wrote as a band is from the EP demo, ‘The Key in Silence.’  It’s a funny story because it wasn't intended to be a song or the outline of our songwriting formula, it just happened.  I was playing the main riff, we were loaded and just finished arranging a radio show and Lawrence started aggressively screeching over the riff then BAM we both felt it and were like DAMN that's something really heavy!  We got Stoner Dan involved, he brought over a laptop and we recorded that song and another one and put the demo up on bandcamp.
What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

We are very proud of our recent S/T release.  It was a giant step ahead of the demo.  We were shocked by what we were able to pull off with our recording budget.  Justin and Mark at Sonelab did an excellent job with the production.

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

Lawrence is a huge Melvins fan.  There’s something about Elder which blows us both away.  Wino from The Obsessed is the perfect guitarist.  So many great bands nowadays and so easy to discover them with the internet.  It wasn’t as easy to find new underground bands when we grew up.  We were limited to the touring bands and ‘Zines’ which at the time who were mostly hardcore, punk and hardcore punk.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?


Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice!


We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

We are from Chillicothe, OH.  The best record store around here is Apollo Records.  In Circleville there is a great store called The Hippie Hut Guitars and Things.  Columbus, OH (The Capital City) has a few.  Magnolia Thunderpussy and Spoonful Records are our favourites.

What's next for the band?

We are writing a new album and conceptualizing the live band. 

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

Continue supporting underground bands to keep the movement alive so we are not only force-fed major-label BS!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 6 More Weeks Of Winter

The Groundhog says we have 6-more weeks. I think he’s right and we’re no better prepared than right now. 2018 has gotten off to a great start here in camp. Not only does each year seem to progress in the amount of bad ass records hitting the shelves, but more and more folks seem to be taking grasp at the powers of bandcamp which leads to more bands joining in on the fun. This round we feature 10 more exquisite records, mostly on the heavy side, but each with their own spin and twist between a few different styles. No matter what it seems I keep waking up with an inbox full of smash hit albums. Its groundhog day again at bandcamp and we are loving it.

Huntsman – American Scrap
This one caught my eye for obvious reasons being the bandname. If you’ve been reading long you know I go by The Huntsman, and when I’m perusing bandcamp to see ‘Huntsman’ as an available album, I must listen. For some reason, I was expecting some kind of extreme sludge metal and was pleasantly surprised and partially blown away on first listen. It certainly lives up to its band name. The slightly backwoodsy textures combined with a mega metallic sheen make Huntsman’s debut album one of the week’s best finds. Not since ‘Bask’ have a heard a blend of folksy rhythm, stoner groove and post-metal crunch sound so inviting.

Blue Cheese – Reborn Into Void
The putrid vocal aroma aged with an intense array of wicked groove is perfectly suited for the connoisseur of the mega riff. Blue Cheese has clogged my arteries with a creamy stench of demented stoner Doom.

Fuzz Lord – Fuzz Lord
Fuzz Lord lives up to its name with a crushing yet melodic output of heavy stoner/doom. The guitars attack with progressive intros and interludes with an asphyxiating rhythm drenched in fuzzy groove. The vocals command like a whiskey driven pirate exploring the stage like a ship on shark infested waters.

Crobone – Crobone
Damn, this one is powerful. Strong on the vocals, radio rock worthy melodic hard rock/Metal.

Ivory Deville – Wastegunner
Can't deny that steel guitar twang built on Jagger-esque vocal tones, soulful back up singing and bluesy psychedelic atmosphere. This is sex, drugs and rock n roll fit for a Sunday morning gospel session. Love it.

Olmeg – Maladies
Olmeg are back with a one of a kind twist of doom-fried grunge metal. The vocals squelch with an eerie atop a bass tone fuzzy as it is sludgy. Deep rumbling grooves aplenty found on Maladies. Dig in and soak it up.

Pieces of Molly – Vol. 2
Riff heavy Rawk with a crunchy groove, smoking vocals and hard charging energy through and through. New Zealand knows what’s up.

Hound the Wolves – Camera Obscura
This one caught me by surprise. While listening my comparison radar summoned forth a brute strength a la the band Aleph Null while harnessing the atmosphere of Neurosis and/or Earth as recommended. The intense onslaught of psych-ridden sludge metal comes across as highly accessible and mildly erotic.

Secrets of Lost Empires - Secrets of Lost Empires
From the moment that first riff strums, I knew we were in for something special here. Thanks to Tangy at Bong Druid of Mammoth Weed Mountain youtube page for this discovery. This is an epic slab of progressive stoner metal. Incredible. Needs more love.

Sundrifter – Visitations
This one steals your soul straight out of the gate. At Name Your Price you’d be a fool not to add this to your collection. The fuzz tones shine, the Doom-born vocals haunt, and the riffs circulate like a dust devil through stoner-baked sand.

-The Huntsman

Friday, March 9, 2018

FEUERZEUG – The backfire

Image result for feuerzeug band
The stoner rock band Feuerzeug celebrates its ten years of existence. The four musicians invite you to discover their new track "Wild & Savage" as well as their video clip on Thursday, March 8, 2018, announcing their third album scheduled for the fall.

Feuerzeug is part of the great tradition of self-produced alternative music. Leaving a preponderant place to devastating riffs carried by hypnotic effects. The group attaches great importance to its image and has made its own video clip. The quartet had already caused quite a stir with their critically acclaimed second album. The expectations for this third album are high, the band is ready to answer them. Feuerzeug wants to surprise with this third opus which promises to be atypical and daring.

Find all information about Feuerzeug on the following links:


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Metal Around The World - Chronic Xorn and Killibrium

I thought it would be fun and hopefully interesting to take a look, from time to time, at metal from all around the world. Lately, we have received quite a few promos from India, which makes sense. A country with over a billion citizens probably has enough fans of any genre you can name to have some quality performers. Let's look at a couple of bands the do the death metal thing.
Chronic Xorn have been around long enough to release three albums. This one, titled “For These Sins Who Must Die”, is their third and has been out since December of last year. These gents play a form of metal often referred to as deathcore. For some odd reason, those who are “trve” and “kvlt” treat deathcore with a lot of derision, and for those who are not terribly familiar with the code of metal, claiming to be a fan of deathcore is akin to standing on a street corner with a megaphone proclaiming your undying love for the presidency of Donald Trump.

I, however, think deathcore is pretty swell, and I love the fact that a band can be brutal but also have some catchy and melodic stuff in their music. And breakdowns too. Nothing wrong with breakdowns. Chronic Xorn have some really well written and played music and they do this sub-genre really well. The lyrical theme is the commoners who are suppressed by the “reign of a corrupt helm”. I think we can all relate to that. Good, solid music with some surprising twists and turns, so its not all just a paint by numbers approach to everything you've heard before in the genre. It might take a little looking to find this one, as it is self-released, but I promise you will dig it.
Killibrium, on the other hand, bring the death metal more in the meat and potatoes style of Cannibal Corpse, with a little technicality thrown in. I really like this album, which is called “Purge”. If you know the movie franchise of the same name, this could very well be the soundtrack to those movies. This is a newer band and this is their first release. This is also brutal and crushing and very, very good.

Two songs especially stand out for me. “Denominator” starts out slow and menacing and then pushes into full on furious death metal, with all the tempo changes and rhythmic mayhem that we all love from this genre. “Mental Illusions” starts off with about 10 seconds that just gets your head nodding at one speed, then they double the BPM's and all hell breaks loose. That sudden tempo shift and change in riff just about put me in traction, but I think I'll be back to full speed headbanging soon. I loved it so much that I listened to the song 3 more times and it still gets me. This one is also self-released so you might have to put some effort into finding it, but you efforts will be well rewarded.

Just remember, kids, when you are thinking of metal, its not just in North America or Europe that you will find the goodies. Keep your ears open and search the globe, there is good quality metal to be found everywhere.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Monolith Cult – Gospel Of Despair
Bryan Outlaw – Vocals, Lee Baines – Guitar, Wayne Hustler – Guitar, Izak Buxton – Bass
Damo Clarke – Drums, Dan Mullins – Drums

Disconnection Syndrome grinding thrashing riffs pounding rums rumbling bass and soaring vocals get ready to head band and enjoy.  The Gospel Of Despair  is a very Sabbath style of riff that just moves along and takes you with it.  Kings of All That’s Lost slow plodding stoner psychedelic rock/metal that just pounds away into your brain.  Chothia In Memorium great melodic guitar instrumental.  Sympathy for The Living is an excellent slow to mid tempo style of riff with lots of great musicianship and soulful vocals.  Complicit In Your Own Abuse slow dark and dreary with evil intent that has some excellent tempo changes.  Death Means Nothing is another Sabbath style of riff that just sneaks up from behind and grabs you to take you away to nowhere.

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained
Trey Azagthoth – Guitar, Steve tucker – Bass/Vocals, Dan Vandim  Von – Guitar, Scott Fuller – Drums

Piles of Little Arms from one of the Kings of death metal grinding riffs demonic vocals and heavy beats.  D.E.A.D. chainsaw guitars pounding drums and bass and vocals that just try to devour you.  Garden of Distain grabs you and pull you into the pit of evil and despair.  The Righteous Voice thousands of evil hands grabbing at you try to tear you apart.  Architect And Iconoclast get the pit ready to mosh and thrash about as you slowly descend into hades.  Paradigms Warped slow grinding sounds reaching out to pull you under the steamroller of pain and death.  Pillars Crumbling fast heavy in your face death metal that just shreds.  For No Master pounding drums chainsaw riffs rumbling bass and demonic vocals that just tear thru your essence.  Declaring New Law imagine being stuck on the railroad tracks not able to move and the train bearing down on you ready to flatten you very body.  From The Hand Of Kings blast beats buzz saw guitars grumbling bass and vocals that just make you run screaming for your life.  The Fall Of Idols ends this death metal festival with pure fury and violence.       

Outlaws And Moonshine – Devil In The Moonshine
Beau Van – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Back – Guitar/Vocals, Travis – Slide Guitar, Chris van – Bass/Vocals, Eric Piper – Drums/Percussion

Devil in The Moonshine is new southern rock at its best has a Lynyrd Skynyrd feel to the music great sing along song.  (Here Comes) Bobby has an Allman Bros feel with lots of soul and emotion.  Don’t Be Scared back in the southern swamps where the music comes alive kind of like a heavier Charlie Daniels band Ride Or Die out in the back woods just jamming away and having a great time with friends.  Boom would be a great song to just jam while cruising down the road and having a blast with friend’s great guitar leads to just listen to as well.  Cootie Brown has a great bass drum intro then an excellent southern guitar riff melds in this is feel good southern rock song to jam along with.  Whiskey is a slower almost country style of song to be played in the back woods around a roaring fire then the band gets up and slowly builds to just jam away.  Hey Y’All takes you back to the heyday of southern rock in the 70s this song and band brings that style back to the present and shows you how good that style really is.  Redneck Me lots of southern style emotional guitar and vocals that just takes you on a trip to the back woods and lots of good times.  Different Kind Of Man acoustic guitar southern style from the back wood swamps with some very soulful vocals and great rhythms and some scorching guitars that just make you close your eyes and enjoy.

Paisley West – Energy Exploded
Paisley Fillmore West – Vocals, Yossarian – Bass/Guitar/Sitar/Mellotron/Tambourine/Tanpura
Gary Shefco – Guitar, Eddie Reis – Drums/Percussion/Keyboards, Ashley Baugher and Jasmine Mack – BG Vocals, Kevin McDonnell – Lyricist

Lampbright jazz meets psychedelia it reminds me of Jefferson Airplane melded with Jimi Hendrix with Grace Slick singing.  Breathe In has an eastern Moroccan feel with several twist and turns get ready to trip back to the late 60s.  Time Release fuzz reverb guitar that just swirls around you and ethereal vocals that take you on a psychedelic trip with some jazz influence.  Ricochet another Hendrix Beatles Airplane song with lots of excellent melodies.  Open Your Mind take a trip back to Height Ashbury and the psychedelic late 60s kick back and enjoy.  Crystal Dome close your eyes and just drift with the psychedelic melodies and sounds of the hippy era.  Marshmallow Raze lots of great melodies and powerful vocals in the style of Grace Slick lay back and trip away.  I Don’t Need Anyone melodic guitar that just takes you away to places in your mind and soulful vocals that just drift among the clouds.  In This Place starts with a jazz Motown bass and great soaring vocals then fuzz guitars and some interesting percussion more music to drift away with.  Energy Exploded take one final trip back to the late 60s early seventies to a time of peace and music to trip to.

Perished – Kark
Introduksjon has a melodic classical guitar and sounds like violins added as well.  Imens Vi Venter is just pure death metal with lots of force and fury and deep demonic vocals.  Stier Til Visdoms Krefter blast you in the face with total fury and aggression.  Pa Nattens Vintervinger has an eerie classical intro then the blast beats and sounds of hell kick in to just annihilate you.  Iskalde Strommer lost in the deep woods with nothing but fear to keep you company.  Og Spujta Fauk grabs you down there and just twists and turns in sheer agony.  Befri De Trolske Toner is very gothic and demonic in sense and style.  Renheten  Og Gjenkomsten grab ahold tight for a ride thru pure hell and total oblivion.  A Landscape Of Flames takes you to the abyss all the while kicking and screaming.  Kald Som Aldri For blast you back into hell every time you try to escape.  Gjennom Skjaerende Lys is the end of this death metal trip into the abyss.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

SKINNED announce new album, launch FREE digital single / video


XENOKORP is proud to announce the signing of a multi-album deal with US dark Death Metal band SKINNED, the release of the group’s fifth full-length, “Shadow Syndicate“, on May 04 and the immediate launch of the FREE digital single / music video "We Are the End"!

Firmly rooted in the Death Metal spectrum, SKINNED have since their inception in 1995, always combined styles to create their very own kind of Extreme Metal by twisting and re-shaping sub-genres, the result being a unique mix of Death Metal, dark Doom soundscapes, hyper blasts, Black Metal dramatic grotesquery and heavy slams.

This monstrous band’s ability to invoke innumerable extremes to create some of the heaviest, most epic, dark and brutal yet groovy brand of Death Metal is impressive. From their debut demo to present, the level of progression and diversification is vast and seemingly unstoppable.

Much like the relentlessness of their music, SKINNED continue to canvas the world with countless past tours and gigs on such sub/continents and countries as North and Central America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Africa, South Asia… most recently with the likes of DEFEATED SANITY, KATAKLYSM, INCANTATION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and many more, making SKINNED a globally recognized force within the Extreme Metal scene as a whole and that for sure won’t stop with their new deal with world-renowned management and booking agency THE FLAMING ARTS and the release of their brand new landmark album, “Shadow Syndicate“ through XENOKORP on May 04.

Varied in shapes and moods, “Shadow Syndicate”, produced by Dave OTERO (CATTLE DECAPITATION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE…) and featuring, among others, guest vocals by Josh WELSHMAN (DEFEATED SANITY…) and guest lyrics by Paul McGUIRE (CEREBRAL BORE…), is the kind of work of art that’s much more than a collection of tracks: it’s a world in itself where each song explores a different aspect of dark beliefs (conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries…), the whole creating a society of extreme darkness under the domination of the New World Order where the citizens become cattle for the governments and guinea pigs for alien entities, ultimately leading your specie to its ultimate demise, the face under the merciless boot of the… “Shadow Syndicate“!
> "We Are the End" single
• FREE download @ BandCamp

> "Shadow Syndicate" track list
1. Wings of Virulence
2. As Their Bodies Fall
3. Mental Deconstruction
4. We Are the End
5. Black Rain
6. Shadow Syndicate
7. Hollowed Earth
8. Led Them to the Trains
9. Angel's Haarp
10. In the Mist of Dawn
Total Running Time: 39:00

> "Shadow Syndicate" formats
• 1000 copies limited edition first print DigiPak CD
• Digital

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